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With the second round of the World Cup just around the corner we thought it would be a great time to have a quick Q&A with our Team Manager Fran Perez about what lies ahead this season.

Fran is a former professional road cyclist from 2002-2011 and on the mountain bike from 2012-2013. Fran is currently working as a specialist in Biomechanics and Performance at Cardiosalus Sports in his hometown of Murcia in Spain, while also running the Primaflor Mondraker Rotor MTB Team.

This is what Fran had to say:

Are you happy with your signing of Bec and Dan for 2018? What do you expect from them this season?
The signing of Bec and Dan has been a very important step for the team this year. Although we are a very young team with only 2 years, the main sponsors want the team to have the maximum international impact and it was a major challenge. The arrival of Bec and Dan has also meant the entry of important sponsors that have allowed us to grow and place us in the top 5 teams on the international scene with serious chances of reaching the top 3 at the end of the year.
For us, the signing of Bec and Dan is exciting. We know that we are facing a couple capable of winning the best runners in important scenarios such as the WC. In fact only 5 runners have been able to win a WC in the last 5 years, Dan being one of them (Nino Schurter Absalon, Kulhavy and Sam Gaze) We only expect them to be at the level that corresponds to them and be able to achieve the results they have on their legs.

What positives do you think Bec and Dan bring to the Primaflor Mondraker Rotor team?
The most important thing is that they bring experience and generate a very good and warm atmosphere within the team. Surely we are able to learn from them what a team needs to be able to live up to riders of this level.

How do you think you and PMR can help improve the performances of Bec and Dan?
In this part I think that if we can be an important pillar for the progression of Bec and Dan. Behind PMR there is a research team in the field of sports training with much experience such as HP Sports Science. This is at the service of the team’s riders and our vision is always to try to give riders the best conditions so that they can achieve their best performance. The material with which the team counts is also a point in our favor. Both Mondraker and Rotor are two brands in constant evolution and at the forefront of technology so they will be able to run with the best possible conditions.

What are the goals of PMR in 2018 and in the future?
The first goal we set ourselves is to try to maintain this block until the Tokyo Olympics. I think it is important that the riders perceive tranquility to be able to prepare their goals well every year and one of the most important are the Olimpiadas of Tokyo.

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